MyNoke® Bulk Organic Certified Vermicast – Ex Tokoroa (price is per tonne)



MyNoke® Organic Certified earthworm casting is produced at our organic certified vermicomposting site on a dairy farm. For improving and regenerating your soil fertility and productivity. Ideal for pasture, cropping, horticulture, landscaping, top soils, and large jobs. Minimum order 10 tonnes.  20mm screened product only.

  • Plant growth bio stimulants
  • Stimulates root growth and activity
  • Beneficial soil microorganism for soil health
  • Increases water holding capacity
  • Increases nutrient holding capacity (high cation exchange capacity)
  • Unlocks nutrients – safes fertilisers
  • Helps suppress plant diseases
  • Strengthen plants so they can repel insects
  • Supports pollinating insects
  • No chemicals added
  • No fillers added
  • Long lasting soil humus

MyNoke® Organic Certified Vermicast for use in Organic Production:

  • IFOAM-IOAS International Organic Accreditation Service,
  • OOAP-EU / GB / Switzerland,
  • OOAP-Taiwan,
  • OOAP-Japan,
  • JAS – Japanese Agricultural Standard Organic Laz

Organic Input Certificate for COR (Canada Organic Regime)

Our 20 mm screened vermicast is suitable for most commercial fertiliser spreaders and all muck spreaders. It is easy to spread over established pastures, orchards, vineyards, groves etc. Applying MyNoke Vermicast to the soil surface is ideal as this allows feeder roots to interact with plant growth stimulators and beneficial microorganisms in the vermicast.

Recommended application rates for MyNoke Vermicast (10 t/ha = 1.2 mm depth)

CropSituationApplication rate per ha
  • pasture renewal
  • after conversion from forest, recontouring or where organic matter is extremely low
  • redressing existing pasture (after mowing or grazing)
10 t
20 t
5 t
Kiwifruit orchards and
apple orchards
  • established orchards
    - banding for focus on vines/trees
    - broadcasting for improving cover crops
  • around new vines/trees
25-35 t
15-20 t
30 t
Maize Silage
  • extremely poor humus levels (e.g. after many years of monocropping)
  • areas where topsoil has been eroded (e.g. top of hills)
  • good humus levels but for boosting root growth and P uptake
20-30 t
30-50 t
(e.g. potatoes)
  • extremely poor humus levels (e.g. after many years of monocropping)
  • good humus levels but for boosting root growth and P uptake
15- 20 t
20-30 t
Avocado orchards
  • vermicast combined with a fine mulch to suit the requirements for subtropical trees
    (please contact us for special mixes)
15-20 t
30 t
+ mulch
  • before planting runners
  • existing plantings, where ridges are not covered with plastic and soil can be accessed
  • liquid vermicast extract available for irrigation systems (please contact us)
10 to 20 t
10 t

Please share your experiences with us – we are keen to learn how you successfully use MyNoke Earthworm products.

MyNoke Vermicast contains:

  • Beneficial soil microorganisms – bacteria, fungi, mycorrhiza, protozoa (flagellates, amoebae, ciliates).
  • Plant growth bio stimulants – cytokinins, gibberellins, auxins and indole-3-acetic acid (IAA).
  • IAA is proven to be effective in repelling insects such as caterpillars and aphids. At the same time, it attracts pollinators.
  • Gibberellins and auxins boost root growth and activity. This increases nutrient uptake and provides plants with greater access to water in the root zone.
  • MyNoke Vermicast meets the New Zealand Standards for Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches; NZS4454:2005.

MyNoke Vermicast products contain pure, mature earthworm castings only. None of our products contain bulking agents such as bark or sawdust – earthworms cannot eat timber!

Nutrient/attributeContent (Hill Laboratories)
Organic matter30.5%
Total Nitrogen1.0%
Total Phosphorus6,480 mg/kg
Total Sulphur2,510 mg/kg
Total Potassium1,710 mg/kg
Total Magnesium2,400 mg/kg
Total Calcium98,400 mg/kg
Total Sodium1,500 mg/kg
pH6.8 – 7.1 (neutral)
C/N ratio15
Active bacteriaHigh (Food-Web Analysis)
Total fungiHigh (Food-Web Analysis)

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