MyNoke® Soil Dwelling Earthworms – pack of 100 earthworms


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Each pack of MyNoke® Organic certified earthworms contains a minimum of two of the following earthworm species:

  • Grey Worm ‘Aporrectodea caliginosa’
  • Pink Worm ‘Aporrectodea rosea’
  • Blackhead Worm ‘Aporrectodea longa’
  • Southern Worm ‘Aporrectodea trapezoides’

Species and numbers of earthworms vary due to natural availability.

Each soil dwelling earthworm is gently hand-picked from our worm beds and packaged with their ‘home’ bedding. Packaged worms + bedding are immediately sent to you, ready to move into their new home as soon as they arrive.

These species are soil-dwelling earthworms. Their diet consists of soil. They are not the same as compost worms and therefore are not suitable for vermicomposting/worm farms!

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